Djinn joins the J24 blog – Sound One Design Championship

Hi all, it’s a pleasure to be a new blogger on this j24 blog. I’m the skipper/owner of Djinn and while I keep my own blog on Djinn’s racing activities, it’s private and mostly geared around scheduling and repairs. I’m excited to add my ramblings on here and hopefully it will help not only Djinn to get better but other boats that are starting out in this highly competitive Seattle fleet.

Peter asked me to start by contributing some observations about the Sound OD Championship on Oct 6/7, 2007 and since then I’ve traded some emails with other skippers about how we could have done better in this extremely heavy air regatta.

So, without further interruption, I’m going to include my initial race report below and then in subsequent posts for the next several days, I’m going to add some hits and tips I’ve gathered. The source of these tips asked me not share them with too many boats, but at the risk of never getting advice again, I’m going to throw discretion into the wind and post all of it in the coming days. After all, I don’t think there’s anything you read on a blog, read in a book, watch on YouTube or discuss over drinks at the CYC which is going to make you better at boat handling (with the exception of really learning and understanding the rules).

Here is my review of the regatta:

It was a great weekend, I was impressed with the performance of the top boats and how flat they were able to keep their boats. We certainly learned a ton.

Moving the mast butt forward, being properly adjusted on the shroud tension and bringing the Jib in as tight as possible, as well as moving the jib car back to induce some twist in jib seemed to help a lot, but we didn’t make these adjustments until Sunday. We also put the vang on much tighter on Sunday by sitting on the boom, sheeting in hard and cranking on the vang, but it’s clear to me I need more purchase on my vang, because it really wasn’t on enough. Same thing with our outhaul which we couldn’t get on hard enough either.

It blew like stink both days except for right before the last race on Sunday when it calmed down to about 14/15 knots and about a 1/3 of the fleet put up genoas. Then, it got up into the mid 20s during the race, with some stronger gusts, which was really something to witness.

On Saturday the race committee had a number of issues with the whalers and they were unable to start the racing for more than an hour and a half. We used some of the time running the course and trying to practice, but a whole lot of time was spent doing the gravy train around the start line and getting exhausted.

Congrats to Suspense and everyone who made it out!

Next I will post about some of the jib trim settings I was corrected on, as well more on all things heavy air, including the vang, the crew position, avoiding the accidental gybe, trimming the spinnaker downwind , the outhaul, shroud tension and tacking in big wind.

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  1. peter Oct 11th 2007 at 04:44 pm 1

    Good post Noj, great to have you on board. I’ll post some photos from the weekend soon.