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The J/80

J80 at 2005 Worlds

I came across an article reporting on the ISA All-Ireland Helmsman’s Championship, a regatta raced in the J/80. What interested me about this article, aside from the colorful Irish turns of phrase, was the writer’s claim that “the J80 steps comfortably into the shoes of the J24, which we all got steamed up about in the 1970s.” Here is a description of sailing the J/80 from the JBoats site:

Be sailing in 3 minutes. Take off the boom cover and hoist the mainsail, attached to the mast with slides. Cast off. You’re now sailing faster than other boats with full canvas. Ready for more speed? Uncleat the furler line and pull in the jib sheet. Presto! Now you’re really flying! Time for the afterburners? Pull the sprit launch control line, hoist the asymmetric spinnaker and trim. Now you’re planing! To jibe, simply let off the old sheet and pull in the new. No one on the foredeck! You can even do it single-handed.

And it does 15 knots planing down wind! That’s intriguing.

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